Announcing CHI-NOG Community Blog

Some people like to speak, some like to write. We would like you to share your technical knowledge either way but realize that not everyone feels comfortable in front of a crowd. That is why today we would like to announce community blogging at CHI-NOG.

It is pretty simple, CHI-NOG events only occur few times a year, but that doesn’t mean our collaboration should stop the rest of the year. By contributing to the CHI-NOG community blog you:

  • help develop the CHI-NOG community
  • receive higher exposure vs individual blogging
  • collaborate with other network operators/engineers on common topics
  • receive recognition for your work

How can you get started?

  1. Please register at  Please use the Contact Us link to provide your email and name to be registered.
  2. You will receive registration email.
  3. Create a new profile with full name and bio along with social media information at
  4. Create new posts.
  5. Submit for review.
  6. Get it published.

Here are some general common sense guidelines:

  • We would like to keep the blog as technical as possible, so please no marketing content and try to focus on the technology and not so much about the vendor.
  • Blog post’s content has to be your own and original, can’t copy or use copyrighted materials (including photos).

We are looking forward to everyone’s submissions. If you have any question please use the Contact Us form or contact me directly.

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2 comments on “Announcing CHI-NOG Community Blog
  1. Javier Solis says:

    Hi Tom. It’s great to see you putting a call out to all those bloggers. I actually already have a tech blog geared to networking. Its Its somewhat vendor neutral. I do have some articles based on specific vendors, but I usually work with many different vendor platforms in my profession as a network administrator. I will post a link to your blog on my site. Hopefully visitors that are in the region will be able to tap into your resources.


  2. Tom Kacprzynski says:

    Javier, I appreciate your helping us spread the word about CHI-NOG. Would really like to have you write a guest blog post when you have a chance.