COVID-19 Update – Please Read our latest status – COVID-19 Update

Welcome to CHI-NOG. CHI-NOG is the first and the only Chicago based Network Operators Groups. The group was started by network engineers and network architects to create a community, to learn from each other and meet others. We get away from our keyboards and screens to meet in person every year bringing in speakers from all over the US to learn and have a beer with them. CHI-NOG is a vendor neutral conference so we aren’t trying to sell you anything, but you do get a pretty awesome t-shirt each year for attending.

Our next event is May 28th, 2020. Our next event is currently postponed. To see our last event page please see CHI-NOG 10.

To find out about our past events, please go to Past Events.  Additionally, please join our LinkedIn group CHINOG LinkedIn and follow us on Twitter @_chinog_ for up to date information. Also don’t forget to check out the CHI-NOG09 highlights video from last year’s event. If you like to join our Slack community please register here.