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Aditya Akella
Aditya Akella received his B. Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras in 2000, and PhD in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University in 2005. After spending an year as a post-doc at Stanford, Aditya joined UW-Madison in 2006, where he is now an Associate Professor of Computer Sciences. Aditya's research spans a variety of topics in computer networking and systems, including cloud computing, software defined networking, network management, and future network architecture. Aditya has published nearly 70 papers in leading conferences, and his research has impacted key technology areas in networking. Aditya is currently a lead principal investigator for CloudLab , a large scale testbed for foundational cloud computing research and, he leads WISDoM, a research consortium of UW-Madison faculty and industry partners that focuses on software defined data centers. Aditya is a recipient of the IRTF Applied Networking Research Prize (2015), the SIGCOMM Rising Star Award (2014), NSF CAREER award (2008), NSF Future Internet Architecture Grant (2010), NetApp Faculty Fellowship (2010), and several best paper awards (CoNext'13, SOCC'13, IMC'10, COMSNETS'10, and COMSNETS'09).
Andrew Blum
Andrew is a journalist and the author of Tubes: A Journey to the Center of the Internet, the first book-length look at the physical heart of the Internet itself. He also makes films about the Internet, notably “Urban Giants”, a portrait of the birth and ongoing life of two NYC communication hubs, 60 Hudson Street and 32 Avenue of the Americas in Lower Manhattan. More recently, Andrew has focused his communication infrastructure storytelling on Chicago, namely the world’s largest data center campus, 350 East Cermak. Andrew presented at TED Talks on the physical side of the Internet, and is currently working on a new book about the infrastructure of weather prediction.
Anita Nikolich
Anita is the Program Director for Cybersecurity in the Division of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure at the National Science Foundation (NSF). Prior to her work at the NSF she served as the Executive Director of Infrastructure at the University of Chicago. Past assignments include Director of Global Data Networking at Aon and Director of Security for Worldcom. She has explored how information technology and secure networking can best support the creation and sharing of scientific knowledge in virtual, mobile and physical contexts. She has presented to various organizations on strategic and technical issues ranging from the challenges in running a global campus to optimal redesign of the Large Hadron Collider network. She holds an MS from The University of Pennsylvania and a BA from the University of Chicago.
Bipin Mistry
Mistry brings more than 26 years of industry experience in the enterprise and telecommunications industries to his role with Corero. Most recently, Mistry served as the Chief Architect Mobility for Juniper Networks. In this role, he worked with the CSN’s globally to help define their service and security needs in a rapidly evolving mobile environment. Previously, Mistry drove the Service Provider architecture and strategy for Cisco Systems, and ran then Voice over IP (VoIP) line for 3Com. He holds a number of patents, including one in API structure and interfaces specifically tie to mobile monetization.
Brian Martin
Brian is a Senior Manager of Technology with Sapient Global Markets helping businesses transform themselves using technology. He currently acts as a lead consultant on system architecture for the Common Securitization Platform, a joint venture between Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Prior to joining Sapient, Brian spent 15 years in the proprietary trading world focused on networking and facilities infrastructure and optimization, technology support, and software development operations. During that time he helped build out one of the trading industry's earliest collocation installations within the 350 E Cermak facility, architected and implemented a zero-client desktop approach for a prop trading firm, and spent a majority of the past decade in the financial industry latency arms race. Outside of work, he has been doing research on the use of D-Wave Systems adiabatic quantum computing to solve optimization problems both in the capital markets space as well as with infrastructure and network analysis. Brian obtained his MS from the University of Chicago and a BS in computer/cognitive science from Alma College.
Darrin Machay
Darrin Machay is a Systems Engineer at Arista Networks, focusing on the financial sector and HPC environments. Darrin works with customers to plan and implement new network architectures, operations automation, and monitoring strategy. He has a background in software engineering, including developing distributed applications and real-time monitoring systems. Prior to joining Arista, Darrin built high-performance networks and applications for proprietary trading firms
John Kristoff
John is currently a researcher with the Internet security research think tank Team Cymru. He is also the managing director of the Dragon Research Group, a volunteer research organization as well as a part-time instructor at DePaul University in Chicago. Previously he was a network architect at UltraDNS/Neustar and held network engineering related positions at both DePaul University and Northwestern University. John participates in a number of networking and security communities such as FIRST, NANOG and the IETF and has held various oversight or leadership roles in others including DNS-OARC, ops-trust, nsp-security and REN-ISAC.
Justin Ryburn
Justin is a Senior Systems Engineer at Juniper Networks. He holds an MBA and a MS in IT Management from Webster University as well and numerous industry certifications. Justin contributed content for Cyber Forensics (Auerbach Publishing, 2007). Prior to joining Juniper, Justin held various operations, engineering, and sales engineering positions over his 15-year career with companies such Savvis, Nortel, XO, and Charter.
Justin Wilson
Justin Wilson is an ISP veteran with over 20 years in the Internet Service Provider (ISP) field. He has started and managed dial-up, wireless, cable, and fiber ISPs. With a wide variety of ISP based skills, Justin brings a complete mix to the table. He has been a panelist and speaker at several Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISP) and Mikrotik conferences. Justin is a regular participant in “The Brother’s WISP” podcast at and a founding member of MidWest-IX based in Indianapolis, IN. Justin is the CEO of MTIN.NET LLC, a consulting firm specializing in ISP and enterprise markets. MTIN offers Data Center services, bandwidth, hosting, and consulting services to network operators. MTIN is a vendor neutral consulting firm offering un-biased solutions.
Mark Cooper
Mark Cooper is the Chief Commercial Officer at AMS-IX. He joined AMS-IX in 2013 and is responsible for the management and development of the AMS-IX marketing, sales, business development and customer service teams. Before joining AMS-IX, Mr Cooper was a Director with Interxion for 5 years with responsibility for strategy, marketing and business development within the Network Service Provider vertical segment. Prior to Interxion, Mr Cooper was employed by KPN International in the role of Product Manager and before that by KPNQwest in the role of Product Marketing Manager.
Matt Griswold
Matt Griswold is the co-founder of United IX and serves as its Chairman and CTO. He has been instrumental in launching several technology companies since 1999, playing key roles in development, networking and system administration.
Nick Buraglio
Nick Buraglio is a network engineer, architect and security professional based out of central Illinois. He has been building, securing and maintaining large scale networks and network services since the mid-1990s, primarily in the government, research, education and service provider fields. Nick spends his days working on an international research network on MPLS, SDN and Security matters and evenings with family, in the gym or writing and working in his network lab.
Pete Lumbis
Pete Lumbis is a Customer Solutions Engineer at Cumulus Networks helping customers build and run large datacenter networks. Before this he was the routing protocols escalation engineer in the Cisco TAC. Pete is CCIE R&S #28677 and CCDE 2012::3. He is one of the first 100 CCDEs (Cisco Certified Design Expert) globally. Pete has been a presenter at Cisco Live and a guest lecturer at North Carolina State University. Author of documents on MPLS, IPv6 and Ethernet Virtual Circuits (EVC) totaling nearly 20,000 views. Pete can be found on Twitter @PeteCCDE and his blog at
Ron Fuller
Ron is a Staff Engineer in the Network and Security Business Unit (NSBU) focused on NSX for VMware. He has 21 years of experience in the industry and has held certifications from VMware, Novell, HP, Microsoft, ISC2, SNIA, and Cisco including two CCIEs No. 5851 (Routing and Switching/Storage Networking). His focus is working with customers to address their challenges with comprehensive end-to-end Data Center architectures and how they can best utilize VMware technology to their advantage. He is the co-author of both editions of the CiscoPress title NX-OS and Cisco Nexus Switching, as well as CiscoPress’ NX-OS Configuration Fundamentals LiveLesson video series. He has had the opportunity to speak at Cisco Live in Europe, Australia and the United States on multiple topics. He lives in Ohio with his wife and four wonderful children and enjoys travel and auto racing. He can be found on Twitter @ccie5851.