Time Presentation Author
CHI-NOG Overview and Roadmap (pdf) (video)
CHI-NOG overview, organizational roadmap and introductions.
by Tom Kacprzynski and Brian McGahan
Combining the Best of Active and Passive Monitoring (pdf) (video)
When troubleshooting network issues, the question is not active vs passive monitoring, but which combination of approaches will provide the most value for different networks and traffic types. We’ll look at how active and passive monitoring work and when to implement each technique.
by Mohit Lad
Why Peer? (pdf) (video)
Internet Peering, once relegated only to the largest ISPs in the world, is emerging as a practical mechanism for any network, enterprise, content providers, etc. to directly connect with their key trading partners. This talk will introduce the benefits of peering. It will focus on how peering improves security.
by William B. Norton
 8:00-8:10 Break
 In Depth Technical Overview of the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) Platform (pdf) (video)
The Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) provides technical platforms for internet peering. These peering exchanges have to be reliable and scalable. AMS-IX accomplishes this a little differently than most peering exchanges. It always has been on the forefront of deploying new technologies while keeping the network up and running. The technical and engineering aspects of running the exchange will be explained in this talk. We’ll take the networks in Amsterdam and Chicago as a case study.
by Ariën Vijn
 9:00-11:00 Sponsored Happy Hour

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