CHI-NOG 04 Registation Open

CHI-NOG 04 Registation Open

CHI-NOG-04 registration is finally open (please use this link to register). This should be the last event for the year and we are going all out! Apologies for the long post, but it is worth the read. We’ve been working really hard to make this the best CHI-NOG so far…and in case you need more encouragement to come… free drink during our social hours (first time we are able to do that thanks to our sponsor AMS-IX).

Network interconnection and monitoring is going to be the main focus of CHI-NOG-04. We are honored to have our distinguished speakers present at CHI-NOG-04. When I say distinguished I’m not kidding. We are honored to have our speakers come to Chicago all the way from Amsterdam and San Francisco. Check out for their bios and details.

Main theme of our event will be around interconnecting networks, peering and the tools used to help troubleshooting interconnections. First, we will start the event with Mohit Lad’s presentation “Combining the Best of Active and Passive Monitoring”.  When troubleshooting network issues, the question is not active vs passive monitoring, but which combination of approaches will provide the most value for different networks and traffic types. Mohit will discuss how active and passive monitoring works and when to implement each technique. This comes into play with any networks, whether public or private, but also when dealing with troubleshooting network interconnections. Mohit’s Ph.D. work dealt with analysis of routing protocol, which let him to start his own company ThousandEyes. He is currently the CEO of ThousandEyes.

The second presentation will be “The Internet Peering Tricks-of-the-Trade” by William Norton. Bill is the expert when talking about interconnecting networks (also known as Dr. Peering). He is the co-founder of Equinix and also the author of the “The Internet Peering Playbook: Connecting to the Core of the Internet” book. A lot of network engineers might know how BGP works, but how is the Internet actually build? It is a combination of economics and technology that steers the peering ecosystem as the Internet fabric. His years of experience dealing with ISP provide an expert insight into strategies for interconnecting and dealing with ISP providers. Bill currently serves as the Chief Strategy Officer at IIX.

The final presentation will be by Ariën Vijn, titled “In Depth Technical Overview of the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) Platform.” There are different ways of interconnecting networks and the predominant one is via Internet Exchange Points (IXPs). Ariën, will provide a case study of the biggest IXP in the world hosted in Amsterdam. His presentation will provide great insight into the network designs and the operational aspect of running AMS-IX, which is designated primarily for interconnection. He is the principal design engineers of the Amsterdam Internet Exchange

One favor to ask anyone that’s interested in helping out CHI-NOG, we would like to have more and more people attend but need help spreading the word about us. If you use twitter, please follow us @_chinog_ and let others know about our upcoming events. If twitter is not your thing, then just pass along the link to our main page

I would like to thank our diamond sponsor AMS-IX and our bronze sponsor IIX. We are extremely grateful that they are supporting the CHI-NOG community.
I’m looking forward seeing everyone October 9th at 6:30, more details can be found at our event’s page

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