CHI-NOG 05 Coming Soon

We are less than few weeks from CHI-NOG 05. Regular registrations ends this Wednesday the 29th!! If you are planning on coming, please make sure to register before then. In the last couple of weeks, our registrations have been growing. We are at around 90 attendees registered. If you are interested to see who is coming, please see the Attendees page, which you’ll also find peeringDB links for attendees’ respective ASNs, that is if you are into peering.

We have few updates to the agenda. One session was added on VXLAN Routing Design. This session presented by Darrin Machay, which will discuss when and where should you route VXLAN traffic. Darrin with also talk about VXLAN bridging and routing design considerations, along with use cases for multi-tenant, enterprise, and DCI deployments.

One other update is that Andrew Blum, will be debuting his new short film title “Meet me man”. His film takes an unusual look at the heart of the 350 E Cermak building. Andrew will debut the new film, and he’ll highlight points from his book Tubes which will also be handed out to participants.

Don’t miss out on the one of a kind technical conference here in Chicago. Hope to see everyone on May 14th.



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