Presentation Archive

Below you can find the archive of all sessions from CHINOG past events. For videos please see

chinog08Opening RemarksTom Kacprzynskislides
chinog08Ethernet Past and Future, Finding The Right LeverPeter Jonesslides
chinog08Rethinking BGP in the Data CenterRuss Whiteslides
chinog08Seamless MPLSVinit Jainslides
chinog08Modeling Network Reliability More Simply Using ProbabilityRachel Traylorslides
chinog08Multicloud the next generation cloud infrastructureDeepti Chandraslides
chinog08High Speed Subsea Optical NetworksTabata Materanslides
chinog08Streaming telemetry under the hood: something to think aboutViktor Osipchukslides
chinog08Egress Traffic Controller Using Telemetry and Service Layer APIsMike Korshunovslides
chinog08Building a Private IP/MPLS NetworkNathan Gotzslides
chinog08Re-Defining Core and Access: A New, Two-Tier Network ModelChris Grundemannslides
chinog08The State of Networking: Why Analytics and Monitoring are More Important Than EverAvi Freedmanslides
chinog08AI Considerations for an Automated Cyber Security StrategyRon Winwardslides
chinog08Optimizing YANG Model Usage for Automation and ProgrammabilityCraig Hillslides
chinog08Python for Network Engineers - A Practical Guide for Getting StartedJeremy Schulmanslides
chinog08Transitioning from 'write mem' to 'git commit'Teren Sappslides
chinog08Network Automation @ LinkedInNaufal Jamalslides
chinog0708. EDA – Event Driven Automation (Automation 5.0+) Vincent Celindro
chinog0703. Open/R – The joy of packet routing Petr Lapukhov
chinog0707. The Latest in Optical Networking Richard Steenbergen
chinog0704. Isolario – the real-time Internet routing observatory Luca Sani
chinog0705. Containers: The new network endpoint Jon Langemak
chinog0706. Multiple Generations of Mobile Backhaul Technologies Khalid Samara
chinog0702. Flexible Network Analytics in the Cloud Jon Dugan
chinog0711. Evolution of The Internet Peering Landscape 2001-2017 Phil Matte
chinog0701. CHI-NOG 07 Welcome + Diamond Sponsor Tom Kacprzynski
chinog0710. The Hidden Face of The Darknet Daniel Smith
chinog0709. How to Use Flow Data Enhanced with BGP, Performance, DNS and URLs Avi Freedman
chinog0611. Network Automation, A Practical ApproachMatt Griswold
chinog0610. DDoS Threat LandscapeRon Winward
chinog068. Source Routing Re-ImaginedNick Slabakov
chinog067. Regional IXP Introductions and OPEN-IX Overview
chinog066. VXLAN Deployment in IX FabricsHemanth Maturi
chinog065. InterTubes: A Study of the US Long-Haul Fiber-Optic InfrastructureRamakrishnan Durairajan
chinog064. EVPN: Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the BGPTom Dwyer and Clay Haynes
chinog069. Segment Routing – Traffic EngineeringDiptanshu Singh
chinog061. CHI-NOG 06 Welcome and Introduction
Tom Kacprzynski
chinog0614. The Real Metric in Evaluating CDN Performance
Matt Levine
chinog0613. NetFlow, Flow-Like Data and Their Many UsesAvi Freedman
chinog0612. Modern Tools for Visualizing Network TrafficJon M. Dugan
chinog062. BGP Security: An Overview
Russ White
chinog063. IPv6: Passing on Lessons Learned from My Journey
Denise Fishburne
chinog05Funding Innovative Network and Cybersecurity ResearchAnita Nikolich.pdfVideo
chinog05How Traceroute Explains the InternetJohn Kristoff.pdfVideo
chinog05Designing and Experimenting with Data Center Network ArchitecturesAditya Akella.pdfVideo
chinog05Anatomy of a Multi-Vector DDoS AttackBipin Mistry.pdfVideo
chinog05Optimizing Your Virtual Switch for VXLANRon Fuller.pdfVideo
chinog05Introduction and Overview To CHI-NOGTom Kacprzynski.pdfVideo
chinog05Secure Model for Software Defined Peering ExchangesNick Buraglio.pptxVideo
chinog05The Handmade InternetAndrew Blum.pdfVideo
chinog05Middle Out Automation: Automating an IXPMatt Griswold.pdfVideo
chinog05VXLAN Routing DesignDarrin Machay.pdfVideo
chinog05Pushing Light to the Edges and Why It Probably Doesn’t MatterBrian Martin.pptxVideo
chinog05Creating a Self Aware Network DevicePete Lumbis.pptxVideo
chinog05Midwest Peering PanelTom Kacprzynski (moderator)
-Mark Cooper (AMS-IX Chicago)
-Matt Griswold (United-IX)
-Justin Wilson (MidWest-IX)
-David Farmer (MICE)
chinog05DDoS Mitigation Using FlowSpecJustin Ryburn.pdfVideo
chinog04In Depth Technical Overview of the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) PlatformAriën Vijn.pdfVideo
chinog04Combining the Best of Active and Passive MonitoringMohit Lad.pdfVideo
chinog04CHI-NOG Overview and RoadmapTom Kacprzynski, Brian McGahan.pdfVideo
chinog04Why Peer?William B. Norton.pdfVideo
chinog03SDN/NFV and the DataplaneTom Dwyer.pdfVideo
chinog03CCIE RS Version 5 UpdatesBrian McGahan.pdfVideo
chinog03DDoS Mitigation TechniquesRon Winward.pdfVideo
chinog03CHI-NOG-03 – OverviewTom Kacprzynski, Brian McGahan.pdf
chinog02CHI-NOG Organization OverviewTom Kacprzynski, Brian McGahan, Jason Craft
chinog02New GNS3 PresentationStephen Guppy